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HIST 420. Spring 2017. IUP between 1960 and 1970 : From the Bottom Up: A Decade of Change: Curriculum Changes


Curriculum Changes at IUP during the 1960's.

LInk to Project

Publications Consulted

The Penn 1960-1961

  • The Penn, March 3, 1961 “Indiana Pow Wow”   includes opinions on required education courses.
  • The Penn 1964 February 7, 1964 “Students Question Advisory Plan” - The IUP Advisory Council receives student backlash for curriculum changes. 

Record Groups and Manuscript Collections Consulted

RG 17. College of Education and Educational Technology

  • Box 1 Folders 8 and 10
  • Folder 8 contains the "Unique Features", it covers the changes in IUP’s Counseling Curriculum and how it has adapted to the number of students joining the program, and all of the “top-of-the-line” technology that they have to offer the students. (1966).
  • Folder 10 has the “Minutes of the Advisory Council for the School of Education”, which is the inner workings of how the Council decided on how to have students learn whether it be through student teaching, or whether or not to use closed circuit televisions for students instead of having them actually be in the classroom when observing children and many more things of that nature. 

RG 25. Office of Publication.

  • Box 1.  This contains "Emphasis: Our African Heritage" which is some of the few important additions to IUP's curriculum regarding minority studies.

Researchers and Page Designers

Natalie Stockey
BA Anthropology
Nick Rosky
BA History and Marketing