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HIST 420. Spring 2017. IUP between 1960 and 1970 : From the Bottom Up: A Decade of Change: Clubs and Organizations


This project shows the fluctuation of clubs and organizations during the 1960’s. As the population of the school increased, so did the participation in extracurricular activities. With the increased population size came the introduction of new clubs and organizations to the campus.

Clubs and Organizations Presentation

Resources Consulted

The Oak, Yearbooks from 1960 - 1969
Student Handbooks .1960 - 1964

Images from the Era

Record Groups and Manuscript Collections Consulted

  • RG 29 Student Handbooks.  The student handbooks were useful because they confirmed the majority of the clubs, organizations, and Greek life that was found in the yearbooks. They were also useful in showing that there were other clubs and organizations on campus that were not listed in the yearbook. 

Researchers and Page Designers

Shannon LaPoint
BA in History. Minor in Anthropology

Eleanor Schultz
BA in Anthropology.
Minor in History. Public History Certificate Program
Minor in Religious Studies.