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Citation Guides and Styles

Information for APA, MLA, and other citation styles with tools and tips for managing citations.


When using sources, like books, journal articles, and websites, for your research you must give credit to the original author. You can do this by properly citing the information using a specific citation style. Citations have purpose for not only giving credit to the creator but also allow readers of your work to find the source of the information used. There are many different citation styles depending on the area your research focuses on. This guide will provide information on a few types of citation styles along with links for resources and citation tools to help you manage as you write.

Academic Integrity at IUP

We take academic integrity very seriously at IUP, so it's important that you understand how to properly cite information, be honest about your own work and be responsible during your time here. Plagiarism is one of the most common violations to the policy that are reported to the Provost Office.

Learn more about our Academic Integrity Policy.

Using this guide and the resources provided will also help you throughout your academic career.

Why Citations Matter

Looking for citation assistance?

Reach out to the Kathleen Jones White Writing Center. They'll be happy to provide you with help and insight when putting together your paper.

Tutoring for spring 2023 is available in face-to-face and virtual formats. To schedule an appointment, click on Schedule a Writing Center Tutorial through the Academic Resources and Support tab under the Academics page on MyIUP.