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APSCUF Healthy Lifestyle Initiative Book Club and Workshop Series 2022-2023

Session Description

An Evening of Art and Wellness. (October 6,  5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Allenwood.)  Academic life is both rewarding and stressful. Self-care practices can help faculty members find more meaning in their work, be more productive, and cope better with the stresses that are sure to occur. This interactive session will combine dinner, discussion, and artistic expression. Program:  After a light dinner, Dr. Emily Lasinsky, will lead participants in a discussion of  current stressors related to their faculty role, and then review how creating art can a) provide the opportunity to express oneself freely, b) serve as a positive distraction and way to practice mindfulness, c) foster hope and resilience, and d) decrease overall stress.  Participants will consider how they deal with stress, be given materials to create their own paintings, and asked to creatively respond to the prompt: “Here are ways that practice self-care..."  Finally, participants will be invited to share their paintings.   Participants will receive art supplies, be served dinner prepared by IUP Hospitality studentshave the opportunity to share their positive methods of stress reduction, and plan for a healthier, happier semester. 


Resources related to Art and Wellness