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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources, 2019 -2020

Call for Submissions

Ingredients for Thriving at IUP:  Recipes, Hacks and Tips for the Academic Life
It is the 30th anniversary of the Center for Teaching Excellence at IUP!
For over three decades, the CTE has encouraged faculty to share good talk about good teaching over good food! What better way to celebrate the fine work done by all of those who have contributed to this important effort over the years, and pave the way for a bright future, than an anniversary volume?   Therefore, we are inviting all IUP faculty to share academic life tested recipes, hacks, and tips to assist other IUP faculty to nurture their joy in teaching and sustain positive and productive academic careers!
We would love to receive your contributions. If you have a teaching tip that helps you teach better, a hack that makes you more effective or efficient or otherwise supports your academic productivity, or a favorite recipe that helps you get through the year, please consider submitting them for inclusion in the volume. A few lines or a few pages - we want to include your teaching experience and good advice!!
For each recipe, hack, or tip, consider using the following outline, (or see example on next page), but also feel free to use your own outline:
  • Title: A catchy name for teaching or academic life supporting recipe, hack, or tip
  • Introduction: Explain a little background to pique interest in this book entry which explains how your recipe, hack, or tip relates to teaching or the academic life.  For example:  Does your teaching tip help you build community in your classes, online or face-to-face? Does your hack make grading easier for you and clearer to your students? Does your healthy recipe help get through the busy mid-semester crunch, fuel up for the beginning of the semester, or celebrate the end-of-your semester? Does the snack recipe or idea get students talking?  Do the foods that you keep in your office keep you going during those long teaching days?  Send us the list.
  • Time of the Year: Please relate your entry to the time of the academic year, such as preparing for classes, beginning the semester, midterms, finals or post-semester reflection, if applicable.
  • Who you are and CTE/RP connections? Your name, department, and experience with the CTE or RP, and contact information, including current email.
  • Ingredients/Materials needed, if applicable.
  • Step-by-step directions/cooking instructions, or just a paragraph providing a general outline.
  • Size of group it serves or works best with
  • Special memory about the dish, teaching experience, or efficiency tip or CTE/RP
  • Please email submission to: put CTE Anniversary Book in subject line, by August, 2020.