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Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting Resources. 2018-2019

Door Prize Books

Petty, B. (2018). Illuminate: Technology enhanced learning. Edtech Team Press. 

Books in Library Collection

Alexander, J., & Rhodes, J. (2014). On multimodality : New media in composition studies (Studies in Writing & Rhetoric). Stapleton Library   Stacks   PE1404 .A544 2014 

Chen, G. (2015). Emerging issues in smart learning (Lecture notes in educational technology). eBook

Ferris, S., & Wilder, H. (2013). The plugged-in professor : Tips and techniques for teaching with social media (Chandos social media series ; 6).  Stapleton Library   Stacks   LB1028.3 .P58 2013 

Salmons, J. (2014). Visual methods in online interviews (SAGE research methods. Cases). eBook  

Stewart, C., Schifter, C., & Selverian, M. (2010). Teaching and learning with technology : Beyond constructivism (Routledge research in education ; 37). New York: Routledge. Stapleton Library   Stacks   LB1028.3 .T375 2010 

Zoom Overview


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