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HIST 605: IUP in the 1970s. A Time of Transition. (Spring 2017).: Centennial

Project Description

In 1974-1975 school year, Indiana University of Pennsylvania celebrated being a higher education institution for 100 years. The celebration included events such as concerts, fundraising events, speaker series, tours of the newly refurbished Sutton Hall, and a birthday celebration for IUP including a birthday cake and a ball.


Helpful Sources

List of Record Groups Used

  • RG 50 Box 7 FF 4- Calendar of Events, 1974-17975
  • RG 50 Box 7 FF 5- Centennial Council, 1974-1975
  • RG 50 Box 7 FF 6- Centennial Planning: Steering Committee 1973-1974
  • RG 50 Box 8 FF 2- Speeches and Congratulations, 1974
  • RG 50 Box 8 FF 9- Football Weekends, 1974-1975
  • RG 50 Box 8 FF 10- Final Report of the Centennial Committee, 1975
  • RG 50 Box 10 FF 5- Waring Concert
  • RG 53 Box 29- Dorothy Ramale, BSED, ISTC Class of 1943 (Manuscript Group 187)
  • RG 53 Box 37 FF 6- Mary E. Shelinski, Class of 1975 (Manuscript Group 198)


Record Groups and Manuscript Collections Consulted

RG 50 Box 7 FF 10 Centennial Suggestions 1973-1974

This folder contains suggestions as to what the celebration could possibly consist of. What is most important is that there is mention of bringing the original bell back to Sutton Hall. This will need further research to find out what happened with the bell.

RG 50 Box 7 FF 11 Commencement 1975

This folder is important because it discusses the tours of the newly renovated Sutton Hall, Peter Jennings Commencement speech and other centennial activities across the university. This was one of the folders with the most information about the events involving the Centennial.

RG 50 Box 8 FF 10 Final Report of Centennial Celebration

This folder contains a final analysis of the Centennial Celebration at IUP. It allows for readers to see the impact of the event and whether the goals set at the beginning of the planning process. The author of the final report is unknown at this point.

RG 50 Box 10 FF 1 Souvenirs

This folder is made up of information about souvenirs that were sold for the centennial. There are drafts of ideas as well as booklets from providers. What is most interesting is that there are four commemorative coins as well as the stamp for the scrapbooks. These items then relate to the final report of the centennial and seeing how much profit was made from selling these items.

RG 50 Box 10 FF 2 Student Activities

File folder consists of newspaper clippings about events that happened for the centennial celebration. This included information about the time capsule from the celebration, which was one of the biggest events that took place. 

Researcher and Page Designer

Courtney Goodzinski


MA in Public History